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Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss may be hard and sometimes we need help.

Weight Loss medication is one component of a healthy weight loss journey. Together with a healthy diet, regular exercise and other lifestyle changes to achieve your goal. Our Medical Weightloss services incorporate moderate doses of compounded Semaglutide and Tirzepitide with Vitamin B injection therapies. This combination works to regulate blood sugar levels, suppress cravings and appetite, and boost metabolic rate. Moreover, the coaction between these therapies stimulates your liver to efficiently metabolize fat, making weight loss more manageable than ever before.

Weight loss medications can take several forms. Appetite suppressants, for example, decrease hunger and create a feeling of fullness. Stimulants, meanwhile, increase metabolism and boost energy levels. No matter what step you take, we are here to help you as you transform your life.

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Initial Weight Loss Appointment $100 and will be applied to First Month’s Treatment regimen. Will need labs to be drawn if not done in the past 3 months.

includes Getting to know you: review your medical history, review medication, order labs to be drawn and develop a customized weight loss plan

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