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Revitalize Within: Gut Health and Cellular Wellbeing

Embark on a Holistic Wellness Journey: Unlocking the Synergy Between Gut Health, NAD+ Renewal, and Advanced Diagnostic Solutions

Gut Health:

Digestive Harmony for Optimal Wellness: Achieve digestive harmony, enhancing nutrient absorption and fortifying your immune system for overall well-being.
Microbiome Support for Holistic Health: Cultivate a diverse and thriving gut microbiome with tests like Gut Zoomer and GI Mapping, essential for overall well-being.
Rooted Wellness and Balanced Living: A healthy gut, assessed through advanced diagnostics, forms the roots of your wellness tree, providing the foundation for vibrant energy and a harmonious, balanced life.
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NAD+ Renewal:

Cellular Energy Boost with NAD+: Unlock the key to cellular energy with NAD+, fostering a vigorous and resilient body that thrives on vitality.

Anti-Aging Allies in Cellular Repair: Experience the rejuvenating effects of NAD+ on cellular repair and longevity, combating the aging process at a foundational level.

Holistic Vitality Through Gut Health, NAD+, and Advanced Diagnostics: Combine the potent forces of Gut Health, NAD+, and diagnostic insights from Gut Zoomer and GI Mapping for a holistic approach to vitality and wellness, revitalizing your entire well-being.

“Harmonize Your Health, Elevate Your Life — Discover the Synergy of Gut Health, NAD+ Renewal, and Advanced Diagnostics for Holistic Wellness.

BMR Calculator

Take a look at this article about basal metabolic rates and energy expenditures. It’s important to be aware of what your body needs and how it works if you exercise. This is an easy read!

I will send you updated calorie and BMR calculations when you get signed up so don’t worry about calculating it yourself, it will change monthly based on weight.

What is Obesity?
The Obesity Medicine Association offers great educational tools for practitioners and patients.